Safely Get Rid of Dying or Damaged Trees

Safely Get Rid of Dying or Damaged Trees

Clean up storm damage with tree removal services in Mendon, IL

Dead, diseased and damaged trees pose a serious danger to your home or business, especially if the trunk is split. Call Spank's Tree Service for emergency tree removal in Quincy or Mendon, IL as soon as you spot significant tree damage. You'll never trust another company for tree removal services after you work with us.

Keep yourself and your property safe from falling trees by emailing us today.

We do the heavy lifting

After our emergency tree removal services, we'll recommend a local nursery that will have the tree type you need to replace the one you lost. Or, you can ask us to completely remove the tree stump for a fresh, clean yard.

We always pick up after we complete our tree removal services. Book our team for high-quality services and a professional cleanup.